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CORFREE® M1 Corrosion Inhibitor Raw Materials

INVISTA Corfree ® M1 Diacid Mixture is a nitrite-free dibasic acid mixture, primarily C11 and C12 , which provides excellent ferrous corrosion inhibition properties. It is used in a variety of corrosion inhibitor applications, including metalworking fluids, engine coolants, metal cleaners, aqueous hydraulic fluids, and die cast release agents. When formulated as an amine salt, Corfree® M1 provides superior corrosion protection to alternatives such as sebacic acid, azelaic acid, and long-chain monobasic acids. Corfree® M1 Diacid Mixture formulations do not leave undesirable, hard-toclean residues associated with amine borate formulations.

This bulletin provides product information, typical corrosion inhibitor formulations that use Corfree® M1 Diacid Mixture , and a bibliography of selected technical references.

Corfree M1 Technical and Corrosion Inhibitor Application.pdf (277 kb)

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